I will surely take hints from your article on “Things to do in Amsterdam” Nous avons repris la direction de Munich et plus particulièrement de Dachau. Great story and Great pics!!!!! Since I had a few extra days of paid leave I could use at work, I decided to take advantage of this trip to visit the Austrian Alps as well while I was nearby. Once you’re in Salzburg, walk around and absorb the atmosphere. We have 14 days of which 5 days will be for visiting Amsterdam ,Bruges and Ghent . Salzburg. Hey that’s great. We’ve written several articles on Berlin in case you’re interested. Start/End: Munich, Germany – If you’re short on time then the easiest way to do this German Alpine road trip would be to fly in and out of Munich International Airport. Have an amazing time in Europe. Thank you for your quick response. What are the highlights, and what can we skip? There should definitely be car rental options near the central station – we rented from the airport so unable to comment. I know this is “how long is a piece of string” but do you have a rough price (all in for 2 people) that this would have come to? Vienna, the capital city of Austria has a lot of history, music and great cafe culture. Any tips/ suggestion on tolls . We are looking for a farm stay/ cabin stay slightly away from the bigger cities. I do keep in mind all the beautiful places you mentioned. Hey Monali- you can use the contact us tab on the top right . Germany offers the perfect package – the cities offer alternative spaces (especially Berlin) while the countryside is absolutely dreamy. !! My husband and I are planning something for November or Dcember during the holidays. You might have to crouch at certain points but its worth it. Can we access all the areas you talked about at that time of year? But we want to do it in 7 days, and our budget is not verry big (around €500 each). I’m planning a trip from the 30th of June to the 5th along the Alpenstrasse then a couple of days in Munich. It looks stunning, Hey Frankie – always love it when we can persuade a fellow traveller to explore a place we loved so much. Slovenia’s Julian Alps are the perfect destination for a mountain road trip in Europe. We will be arriving in Munich. The castle is surrounded by lush mountains and gorges and its spires reach out to the sky. Like what you see? Just wanted to check on one thing – we are thinking of going back to Bavaria this year – do you think we could get to see snow capped mountains in June – didn’t get to see them in September. Day 10: Day trip to Salzburg, Austria We used it as our base to draw up the itinerary for our trip. The castles are amazing and you must see them . On 2,504 m (8,215 ft) you will enjoy views over the longest glacier in the Eastern Alps — the "Pasterze" and a spectacular panorama into the Austrian alpine landscape with the snow covered mountains. We added some places in Tirol like Innsbruck and Wattens. Thanks for the great and helpful blog. We stayed at the picturesque Hotel Blaue Gams overlooking the Ettal Abbey and paid £50 per night for a double room including breakfast. 10 We’d suggest spending 3 nights in Ettal and 2 in Unterwossen . Unfortunately, I could not stay longer.. You could drive to Fussen and Ettal and spend a day or two there exploring the fairytale castles . I am trying to do a similar trip this April .We fly into Amsterdam and fly out of Munich . Not looking for specifics.. Just wonder if this is in/out budget If not I could always tailor it to suit us Thanks in advance! Hi Savi Vid, We used our credit card quite often but also withdrew money from an ATM before starting out – a couple of hundred Euros should be fine . Also, do you have any hotel recommendations near Ettal / Oberammergau? As for leaving out Austria and doing Berlin, that’s totally your call . We have 7 days to explore! Do share photos of your road trip with us . I want to do a road trip with my girlfriend this summer. Not sure what you mean by where exactly to cross the borders – you will know when – there are plenty of signs – in this itinerary it’ll be when you are heading to Salzburg. A farm-stay option would be great with a 2 year old but we don’t know of any in the area. Dave Is US driving license valid in Germany or need a IDP. Can you let me know if vegetarian food is available easily or should we stock up food from supermarkets when possible. We also went to the ice caves in Werfen, Austria which was a highlight (the hike alone up to the caves was unbelievable!). I really want to check out the ice caves, but the website makes the trek seem a little more athletic. Is it preferable to drive from Berlin to Munich or take a train. my husband and myself are planning a last minute trip to Germany in a week. So happy to hear that Bavaria is a magical area, isn’t it? Nous avons fait la visite en suivant dans l’ordre, les différentes étapes par lesquellesles prisonniers passaient à leur arri… Options I have been dreaming of this road trip since you posted it and I think I finally am in a position to plan this trip. We have booked the ferry from the UK already. Hey Sabine – did you enjoy it as much as we did? What you have mentioned is doable – just cut out a day from Ettal and a day from Unterwossen and add it for the lake region. I read through the comments and it answers most of my questions, just had one more. I’m currently trying to figure out how to spend 8 days in Bavaria in mid-October and many of these spots are definitely going on the itinerary… It’s truly beautiful. It will definitely be cold. Also wanted your suggestion on the route from Munich to Fussen and car rentals near Munich Central station. Road trip en Allemagne dans les Alpes Bavaroises ! As far as infrastructure goes, Bavaria is well equipped. Here’s the link: https://www.bruisedpassports.com/wheres/spain-road-trip-itinerary, As for Germany, you could stick to the first 4-5 days of this itinerary and skip the bit that spills into Austria. Hi.. how much time it takes to explore Deutsche Alpenstraße by road? where do you suggest i spend the 5 night on that road? That will save you the long drive from Rothenburg to Bavaria. any important information that i might need to know?? Make sure to leave an extra day or two to visit Munich as it’s one of Germany’s most magical major cities. This itinerary looks fantastic. Your road trip has inspired us to do the trip March 2017. Any thoughts and opinions are welcome. Thanks Brooke – Germany and Austria are incredibly pretty and the Alpine Road is an amazing alternative to a road trip in Switzerland , Hi guys, this itinerary of urs looks awesome, however could u be more specific on the financial details ie, the budget needed. Day 9: Ice caves in Werfen & Chiemsee All are so so gorgeous! Alps Road Trip: 7 Must-See Places with Photographic Proof Nothing is better than leaving all your worries behind, exploring new places and making memories along the way. As for vehicles, I believe your only option is to rent a bus or 2 different cars (i’d say go for the latter), Hi guys, we are going to Bavaria in few days. Thanks for this fantastic post. Drive down to Fussen, a gorgeous town surrounded by the Alps. Pls suggest what we should include/skip in the German section .Do you advise we cut down(eliminate) the time in Brussels if the need be . Before you enter Austria, remember to buy the vignette for your car. My wife and I will be spending over a month in Europe in mid June – July 2016. Loved your post on the Bavarian Road Trip…in fact decided to visit the Bavarian Alps in September 2018 after reading your post …it was awesome!! Hey Naima – we hear you. We have mentioned the names of the hotels we stayed in when we were in Bavaria – you can check these hotels and probably stay there too. We’d love to share them with our readers and tag you. Thank you! Beautiful pics! It is EXACTLY what I needed and now I have it all booked thanks to you guys. I wanted to check on a couple of things with you which came up while planning this. Insofar as budget is concerned, you will need to set aside €100-€125 per person per day – this includes all meals, mid-range accommodation, car rental, and entrance to attractions etc. Spend the evening driving around the Garmisch Partenkirchen area. If you enjoy longer days and driving, go in summers for the scenery is unbeatable! It’s as if time has stood still and is in awe of the beautiful alpine Bavaria. Plan to drive to the alps and back over the next 4 days before we head to Spain for 8 days. Love it here. As I have a 2 year old. Neuschwanstein Castle  is one of the most popular castles in Germany, so its best to get there early to avoid the crowds. 3. European Road Trip ideas for every itinerary- Cornwall is a fantastic choice. Good afternoon! Enter a road trip in Germany. Your email address will not be published. Visit Mozart’s birthplace, explore the Hohensalzburg Fortress, or just spend your time marvelling at the old shops or stocking up on supplies at Getreidegasse and Alter Markt Square. Would like some details on the toll charges while you are shuffling between Austrian and Germany border. I love Germany! where can i find the roap map tracing where you travelled in this trip ? Myself, my wife and son are planning on taking a rental car from Zurich and driving to see some nearby castles in southern Germany and Austria. While doing research, we came across your blog and totally loved it. Hi Nisha yes it is possible to cover all these places although you won’t really be enjoying much of the places. What would you recommend, To be honest, we preferred Berlin out of the two (it’s a tough choice though :)). Speed limits vary from region to region so you should keep a lookout when driving. I loved your pictures for sharing with my friends who’ll be traveling with and have never been at all. You could skip the trip to Salzburg and the ice caves if you wish. Myself and my hubby are planning to cover Germany and Austria this september and I think We ll plan our trip based on ur itenary Thanks a ton for sharing it!!!!!! I was so excited when I chanced upon this post as I am planning a year end holiday to Europe this year! We hope that we have managed to tempt you to plan an amazing road trip through Bavaria in Germany. #travelersaesthetic #travelaestheticwanderlust. Once you’re done, drive to picture-perfect Ettal, which will be your home for the next 4-5 nights. So happy to hear you found our itinerary helpful – hope you have a whale of a time in Germany , Very nice itinerary, hope you could help me out with mine . Looking for the best road trips in Ireland? We feel it might end up being a bit rushed, but you’ll get to see more . Life-changing. Day 5: Ettal abbey, Oberammergau, Garmisch Partenkirchen This road trip of Germany and Austria offers cable car rides, picturesque panoramas, trekking opportunities, rustic German food and beer, and natural wonders by the dozen – it’s calling out to you. Would you give me some more details on where exactly you stayed, or maybe some pointers atleast. In December 2019, as the first snowflakes ring in the new season, it was time for the Best of the Alps Road Trip. Hey Shuba – that’s awesome. I was looking for recommendations on traveling in Bavaria with my family and came across your blog and I feel we might end up doing the EXACT road trip, it seems so good!! There’s water (waterfalls, streams, you name it!) Hi, we are travelling from Australia and are looking to do something like this in very early January 2017. They have a special quality about them that seems to transcend time . After experiencing everything from gorges and Alpine lakes to picturesque villages and monasteries, it’s time to leave Ettal and drive further east to Unterwossen. Do you have specific recommendations on Alpine roads one must visit to capture some picture perfect scenic experience on road? It’s hard to take photos inside the caves but these pictures should give you an idea of what lies inside the labyrinthine ice-caves of Werfen. road trips Find six custom-made itineraries to rev up your vacation engines. View the Alps from Germany’s highest peak at Zugspitze, tour crazy King Ludwig II’s storybook castle Neuschwanstein, learn about WWII history in Munich and Berchtesgaden, and even take day trips into Austria. Since we are from India we drive on the opposite side of the road. If you’re an urban bunny and you’re missing large cities, then hop over to Salzburg for a quick day trip. I wanted to know whether German roads are too stressful to drive on because of the lack of speed limits. I love how you plan your holidays? What’s more, it houses a brewery (it’s Germany, you can never be too far from beer ). My husband and me are planning to do the similar route in August with Innsbruck before heading to Unterwossen . Although we planned it differently here and there – this gave a very good overview of the what’s and how’s. Other than the Ice cave and concentration camp – any edits to be made when traveling with a family, including a 4yo? Im planning a trip for one week to Germany….any suggestions? Day 8: Walchensee & drive to Unterwossen For instance, Partnach gorge was just 20 minutes from our hotel in Ettal . This is exactly where having a car and being on a road trip comes wonderfully into play. Over the next day and a half, explore the sights and sounds of Munich. . You have chosen the famous German Alpine Road in the 28th place. I don’t think it should be a problem for your motorhome . Any suggestions for a 12 yr old lad.. Plz advice from your experience. Start the day early and head to The Dachau Concentration Camp for a somber lesson in world history. Thanks, Hi again You can spend anywhere from 3-10 days exploring Deutsche Alpenstraße by road. Really helpful. Just wanted to let you guys know that me & my wife are doing the exact same itinerary (included Innsbruck on one of the easy days) this September mid. Flights will vary depending on your port of departure. The road to Lucerne passes through the UNESCO Entlebuch Biosphere, a natural nirvana covering 400 square kilometres at the foot of the Alps. While some of these places you can reach by bus, especially Lake Bled, doing it as a road trip gave a lot more freedom. Have fun – we wrote all the details and tips we could think about in this article . Seriously! Wondering what to pack for a long road trip, see this post that has a downloadable and Printable Road Trip packing list Vienna. Start in Vienna then drive through idyllic villages, bustling cities and some of Europe’s highest mountain ranges. Do send us photos from Bavaria if you make it there. Thanks so much for your reports! ROAD TRIP DANS LES ALPES BAVAROISES : LA VIDÉO ! Hey Raghu – if you look carefully, you’ll see we’ve mentioned our favourite castles in the post. , Hey Zoe – thank you so much for leaving such a nice note for us. Thanks in advance for taking your time for reply. And though I m a vegetarian, my husband and friend said it was the best burger they has ever eaten! Hi We’d love to share them with our readers!! I would like to ask if you have been to Rothenburg as I heard that the Christmas Market there is really awesome! Was thinking if its possible to put that in and also possibly visit one more country? Grab a friend, download your favorite playlists, pack some clothes and jump in your car. When did you guys travel? It’s easy to spend the better part of the day at this nightmarish complex. Also would you suggest leaving out Austria and doing Berlin instead? Where else we can go close to Fussen. Most roads are accessible but you’ll need winter tyres . You might want to stock in Munich before heading to the countryside. If you, like us, enjoy sampling local food, then you’re in for a treat. They trily inspire – in fact I made changes to the Germany trip I am currently planning to make sure it includes spending time in Ettal! I will email them to you soon , A huuuuge fan this side .. I’m sure your husband will be thrilled to read your comment Jokes aside, it will be safe, don’t worry . Thanks, Hey Fakhree – 9 days should be enough to cover the part of Germany you have in mind. You must’ve hated leaving Germany – the countryside is just SO gorgeous. I’m going late April, thinking of driving. Do send us some photos from your trip to Bavaria. My only experience with that was in Ireland where the roads were often very narrow so it was quite difficult to me. Choose one or two based on your personal preferences – scenic castles, castles with great art collections etc. Hope this helps. Inland NW Washington State, USA, Well, we’d cut out the bit at the end i.e. We are planning from nov 22-nov 30. pls suggest. Also remember that the moment you enter Austria, you should have the vignette on your car. By “fees on the roads” do you mean tolls? A vignette valid for 10 days costs EUR 8.80 and you MUST stick it on your car’s windshield (inside). Rent a Car For Your Bavarian Alps Road Trip Adventure. Hope you have a great trip – let us know if you have other questions. In fact am tempted to do the same with my husband n 12 year old daughter. Read on to Drive to Discover the adventures that await you in Germany! Hello and thank you for your post. Famous among Bond lovers for its Goldfinger scenes, the road to Furka Pass is a high-altitude journey packed full of glacier views, mountain-top vistas and valleys that plunge into the distance.Travel from Gletsch to Andermatt (or vice-versa), and along the way stop to visit the once mighty Rhone Glacier, which is now sadly retreating at an incredibly fast rate. I’ve been to most of the places mentioned in this post. b) From what we remember, no tolls in Germany, however if you drive into Austria, you need to buy one of the vignettes (it was around €8 for a week at the time we went) After you’ve repeated the whole getting-up-in-the-morning-and-standing-on-your-balcony-for-hours ritual, we suggest tearing yourself away from your quaint hotel in Ettal and walking to the neighbouring Ettal Abbey. We rented through Hertz. Thanks for a great itinerary. Thanks for a detailed insight. The Furka Pass . Your pictures are beautiful and they sure did lure us to look into Bavarian Alps when we thought about a trip to the Alps!

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